Issue Two

"Our looming fate"
By Sophie Stewart

The process for reforming the law may actually affect the outcome of the reform. In our democratic society, what is the ideal way to tackle the issue of abortion reform?

"A Moral and Empirical Dilemma"
By niall thrupp

Should morality or data influence our changes in abortion law? A look at how we should frame the debate around the impending reform.

"a short history on abortion"
By harvey henderson

A look back on the origins of abortion law and the changes New Zealand has undergone since abortion was first made illegal in the 1800's.

"Seeds of hope"
by Marsanne Jordan

Grassroots movements led by inspirational figures are stepping up for the failings of legal institutions. When all else fails, the public will not let us down.

"Hear us roar"
by Harvey henderson

Victoria University students weigh in on sexual violence, and the precarious path ahead of them in their careers. 

"Our idyllic world"
By Niall thrupp

An op-ed on the rape culture that has pervaded our legal institutions and culture. It's not the system we deserve, but it's the system we have.

"Labels speak a thousand words"
By Finn Dillon

‘Pro-life’, ‘Pro-choice’, and the agenda setting theory impacting the entire debate.

"jumping through hoops"
By marsanne jordan

The process for getting an abortion in New Zealand today, as largely dictated by the Crimes Act 1961. Would you be eligible?

"Double sided"
By Samantha Mythen

A discussion with both sides of the debate; pro-choice and pro-life, and their suggestions on how to engage with the law in this area.

"Out of order"
By SOPHIe stewart

What changes are being implemented? A look at the establishment of the Sexual Violence Pilot Court and the Law Commission's Second Review of the Evidence Act 2006.

"How far should the law go?"
BY Finn Dillon

Where is the line between public safety and personal autonomy? How can the law punish offenders while promoting rehabilitation? What's the best way to protect victims?

"time to walk the walk"
BY samantha mythen

New Zealand culture and attitudes are fostering rape culture and preventing victims from speaking out. Samantha Mythen investigates.